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The Launch Terminal

Buriganga is the one of the important and significant river in Bangladesh. It is situated near the Ahsan Manzil- an important and historical place in Bangladesh. This is my second time visit for my class assignment. The life of Buriganga never sleeps. People travels from this place all the time and the place is very busy, always filled with people. I wanted to capture the moments of people and life in this busy terminal. I have seen people sleeping, praying in the deck. Many ill people come to Dhaka for treatment. The whole launch and the terminal is always filled with people. Thousands of people travel from this terminal to many places everyday all around the year. The feeling of doing this assignment is something to remember. In the last day of my assignment there was fog and the feelings of working very early in the morning and also at night is wonderful. This is my first time where I went to any place like this all the day through out the week.